PA job for HSN/Swarovski – one of the biggest home shopping TV channels in USA

Note: This post is in English, since the client was from USA.

In early march i have been hired as PA for a shoot for HSN – Home Shopping Networks, shooting a clip for TV and online purposes. Altogether we were a team, consisting about 15 people, we had one scouting day and two shooting days.

We made our way through parts of the Swarovski plant and also the Crystal Worlds, where we had to shoot almost the whole museum, all kinds of cloth which has been worn by celebrities in the past and also the products, which are the core of the whole story. The products were presented by Nadja Swarovski in an interview.

I took part as PA in this production, my jobs were assisting the DP Brian Patt with getting lenses, setting up the dolly, jib, monitors, pulling focus on his Canon 30-105 Cinema Zoom as well as helping wherever it was necessary.

As an addition to the PA job, i also rented my jib to them, which was necessary to shoot the sparkling flares of the crystals…

Find the clips produced for web here: Aura by SWAROVSKI at

Find some production stills of the shoot below:

interview set Canon C500The C500 on our jib Gaffer Robert Mayr and Didi bouncing the sunproducts shoot

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